Sriwant Wariz

The Roller Coaster Journey of Running Ivory

A Tale of Passion, Growth, and Friendship

When I started Ivory seven years ago, it felt like stepping into the unknown. It was just me and a friend, armed with a shared passion for branding and digital marketing, and a dream to build something meaningful. Little did I know that this venture would not only become a successful business but also a profound journey of self-discovery, growth, and lifelong friendships.

The Early Days: A Dream Takes Flight

Our journey began in a tiny office with just the two of us, a couple of laptops, and a whole lot of ambition. Those early days were filled with late nights, endless brainstorming sessions, and a relentless drive to carve out our niche. We faced countless challenges, from tight budgets to fierce competition, but our passion kept us going. Slowly but surely, our hard work started paying off. We secured our first few clients, and Ivory began to take shape.

Growing Pains and Triumphs

As we gained momentum, our team grew from two to 25 vibrant young professionals. Each new member brought fresh energy and ideas, turning our small office into a hub of creativity and collaboration. We’ve had the privilege of working with over 100 clients on projects that span the globe, specializing in graphic design, video production, and digital marketing. Seeing our clients succeed and knowing we played a part in their journey has been incredibly fulfilling.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard, and like many businesses, we faced a period of uncertainty. Business slowed down, and we had to rethink our strategies. But this challenge also brought an unexpected opportunity. As the world shifted online, the demand for digital marketing surged. We adapted, innovated, and emerged stronger. The pandemic taught us resilience and underscored the importance of digital presence in today’s world.

Finding Community and Support: The BNI Experience

One of the most transformative experiences for me was joining Business Network International (BNI). BNI isn’t just a networking group; it’s a community of like-minded professionals who support and uplift each other. Through BNI, I made invaluable connections and friendships. The principle of “Givers Gain” resonated deeply with me. By helping others, we found help in return, and this network played a crucial role in our growth. The referrals and relationships built through BNI contributed significantly to Ivory’s success.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Passion

Running Ivory has been more than just a business venture; it’s been a journey of self-discovery. I’ve learned so much about myself – my strengths, my weaknesses, and my passions. The challenges we faced taught me resilience, adaptability, and the importance of staying true to our vision. Every project, every client, and every team member has contributed to this incredible journey.

Looking Ahead: Exciting Times Ahead

As we move forward, I’m filled with excitement for what the future holds. We’ve recently expanded our services to include studio services, and our team is buzzing with new ideas and enthusiasm. We’re welcoming new clients and team members, ready to tackle new challenges and seize new opportunities.

Reflecting on these past seven years, I feel a profound sense of gratitude. It’s been a roller coaster ride, full of highs and lows, but I wouldn’t change a thing. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t hesitate. The journey of building Ivory has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I’m excited for the next chapter. Here’s to many more years of growth, creativity, and success!

In conclusion, running a small business like Ivory has been a blend of passion, challenges, and incredible rewards. It’s a journey that has shaped me in countless ways, and I look forward to continuing this adventure with my amazing team and clients. Thank you for being a part of our story.

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