Sriwant Wariz

Elon Musk is a bona fide legend. How else can you explain someone who runs six multibillion-dollar companies?

Let’s break it down:

Tesla: Leading in electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions, Tesla’s market valuation is about $700 billion as of mid-2024.

SpaceX: Focused on space exploration and satellite communications, SpaceX is valued at around $137 billion, making it one of the most valuable private companies globally.

Neuralink: Developing advanced neural interface technologies, Neuralink is valued at approximately $5 billion.

The Boring Company: Aiming to revolutionize urban transportation with underground tunnels, The Boring Company is valued at roughly $5.7 billion.

X (formerly Twitter): Acquired and rebranded by Musk in 2022 for $44 billion, its current valuation fluctuates but is generally less than the purchase price.

SolarCity (a subsidiary of Tesla): Integrated into Tesla’s energy division, SolarCity focuses on solar energy services and contributes significantly to Tesla’s overall valuation.

Now, how does he manage so much when most of us struggle with our daily routines?

Well there are some easy to guess things –

Delegation: Musk appoints strong management teams for each company. To work with Elon, you have to be the best in the business.

Vision and Strategy: He sets the vision and long-term strategy for each company. He knows the destination and pulls everyone to give their best shot.

Work Ethic: Known for his intense work ethic, Musk often works 80-100 hours a week. This relentless dedication keeps him on top of multiple ventures.

Cross-functional Synergies: His companies benefit from each other’s advancements. For instance, Tesla and SpaceX share engineering insights.

Innovation Focus: All of Musk’s companies are at the cutting edge of technology. This focus on innovation helps streamline his efforts across different ventures.

But the real secret sauce is Musk himself

The truth is, Musk deeply understands everything he commits to. He’s a quintessential polymath with an exceptional memory. He sees the essence of a problem quickly, resolving bottlenecks faster than most.

When Musk turns his attention to a new field, he masters it. He did it with rocket science by borrowing a consultant’s entire library. It took him two years to get up to speed with SpaceX engineers and scientists. The only thing he hasn’t mastered is music, but that’s likely because he hasn’t devoted enough time to it.

Musk started as a voracious reader and remains one. Tested by IBM as a teenager, he was found to be a natural coder. He taught himself to code, designed a game, and sold it for $500 in high school. He was a lead coder for PayPal in its early days.

Musk knows his companies and their technologies down to the finest detail. If you found a screw on the Tesla factory floor, he could tell you if it goes into the car, where it’s used, and even its composition.

Musk lives and breathes his companies. His desk isn’t in a high-rise office with a panoramic view, but on the factory floor. He’s always in the midst of the action, fully available for consultation. He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.

So, if you think Musk is just a figurehead, think again. When he commits time and money to something, he becomes more knowledgeable about it than most.

There really is so much to learn from this guy and he is inspiring as hell! How many of us are willing to put in the effort he has put in to learn things.

From where I see the deep level of understanding of all his subjects is the real show-stealer.